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Weirwolf: My Story By David Weir

Release date: 20th October, 2013
Publisher: Biteback

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You think you know David Weir but, of course, you don’t.

But you will be rewarded with an insight into what makes this remarkable athlete tick after reading his compelling life story.

Who was not buoyed by the iconic snapshot of him, Union Jack triumphantly held aloft, son Mason planted on his knee, in front of Buckingham Palace one golden September day.

You think you know him because of his superhuman efforts at London 2012 when he won the 800m, 1500m, 5000m and the marathon.

To put that into some kind of perspective, you would need to be a mixture of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah to pull off a similar feat over the course of a fortnight wearing Puma or Nike running shoes.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Weir relates a poignant episode which toughened him up and “made me even more determined to prove that I wasn't going to be held back". Adolescence can be vicious and pity the man without instant recall of the first girl to make him cry.

Weir's tears flowed at 15 when the cowardly gang around his new girlfriend phoned him to threaten: "If you keep hanging around we're going to take you out into the desert and leave you there without your crutches or your chair." He questioned the viciousness and admits: "I cried a lot after that."

Today, the zestful Weir would no doubt laugh at the absurdity of the notion and reflect how it would have to be one hell of a trip from Croydon to the desert.

If you like your heroes squeaky clean, look away now.

There were drugs – lots of them. And not of the performance-enhancing variety.

Weir was heavily involved in the rave scene when he endured "three years of hammering my brain out" until he met a woman, Kaylie, who helped pull him to his senses after he had witnessed one clubber experiencing a paranoid panic attack, then seeing a friend suffering a fit of the shakes after reacting badly to popping a pill or two.

Kaylie and Weir had a daughter, Ronie, before they split. Now he lives with his fiance Emily and their youngsters Mason and Tillia Grace.

The tattooed, 35-year-old Londoner has plenty of ‘complicated’ moments he could easily have chosen to airbrush or simply brush under the carpet, but that would have made 'Weirwolf' a much tamer effort.

Because he has met so many challenges head on, Sebastian Coe happily endorses this ”truly inspirational story” of a People’s Champion.

David Weir is 'different' to Bolt and Farah because he was born bent double by Caesarean section with legs that have always been quite useless.

He also happens to be the best wheelchair racer in the world.

But, of course, you knew that.

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