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The Little Big Things The Inspirational Memoir of the Year By Henry Fraser

Release date: 16th September, 2018
Publisher: Seven Dials

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Henry Fraser had just finished his exams. A final year at school beckoned before university edged its way onto his horizon, but first, there was plenty of time for some summer fun.

Young Mr Fraser and several mates had rented a villa on Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coast, a place where they no doubt planned to do all of those things that 17-year-old boys plan. This would include sleeping late, plenty of time playing sport on the beach, swimming, more sleeping, eating and a few beers. Who knows, a handful of 17-year-old girls might even make their way onto the boys’ agenda.

Henry very nearly didn’t make it to Portugal. Having breezed through airport security and baggage checks, a flight attendant noticed that his passport had expired which meant he had to return home and apply for a fast-tracked passport, so enabling him to fly to the Algarve a day late.

After fooling around for a few days, Henry and his pals were on the beach at Praia da Luz, playing a combination of football and rugby; a couple of them raced into the water to cool off and Henry followed. His life would change in an instant, for when he dived in, the water was much shallower than he expected. His head hit the sand, the impact breaking his spinal cord and leaving him paralysed from the shoulders down.

In a split second, this bright, intelligent, young man went from being a super-active sports enthusiast to a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, wholly dependent upon others to look after him.

It takes a while for readers to appreciate the extent of this tragedy, but once it does, you’re enveloped by a deep sense of regret, desperately sad for what happened. It also puts your own life into perspective. Many of us consider ourselves hard done by when the tiniest, most trivial things go wrong, but reading The Little Big Things should change that. It’s a genuinely inspirational read.

No-one would have questioned Henry Fraser had he sat in his wheelchair and mulled over the lousy hand he’d been dealt, but he chose to approach life in a more positive, optimistic fashion. He became an artist, painting by holding brushes in his mouth; along the way, he developed into an inspirational speaker and now, he’s written a real-life story of courage and determination.

Henry was never a top-flight rugby star, a Premier League footballer or international athlete, yet his book is infused with a sense of competitiveness normally reserved for professional sportsmen and women.

The Little Big Things makes you look at life in a completely different way, encouraging you never to take anything for granted. A must read.

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